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Juvo Travel Cane Seat

Vendor: Home Health

The Juvo Travel Cane Seat slides open to change from a traditional cane to a convenient seat. The tri-pod design with vinyl, contoured-tipped legs provides support and balance while using the cane seat. The contoured handle is easy to grip, making it easy to carry the lightweight 1.3 pound walking cane with seat. The Juvo Travel Cane Seat is made of durable 7/8 inch aluminum tubing which supports up-to 250-pounds without fear of bending, breaking or wobbling. The wide reinforced seat measures 9 x 9 inches and provides maximum comfort. The large tip base offers superior stability when walking. Juvo Travel Cane Seat Specifications: Material: TPR rubber-like material. Weighs: 1.3 pounds. Length: 34 inches. Weight capacity: 250 pounds. Seat dimensions: 9 x 9 inches. Seat height when opened: 20 inches.

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