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Juvo Premium Self Standing Cane Tip

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The Juvo Premium Self Standing Cane Tip allows persons with arthritis who rely on a cane to not have to bend over to constantly pick up their cane or wonder where to place it. Physical Therapists have recommended this large base cane tip for persons with arthritis in their lower body that causes pain when bending. The cane tip remains flat to the ground, providing extra stability throughout the walking gait cycle for cane users. The Juvo Premium Cane Tip features an active traction design, dual-polymer materials and wide base that provide significantly more traction than any ordinary cane tip. The large base has more than three times the surface area of an ordinary generic cane tip, which improves the stability of the cane on uneven surfaces like sidewalks. The cane tip base allows the cane to stand upright by itself when not in use. The Juvo Premium Self Standing Cane Tip is a large replacement cane tip that helps to improve the performance of a standard walking cane. This patent-pending wide base cane tip provides superior traction, increasing walking stability and safety for cane users. This self -standing cane tip fits any standard 3/4 and 7/8 inch diameter cane shafts, and installs in seconds. First, pull off the old cane tip, then insert the cane shaft into Juvo Standing Cane Tip. Next, tap down several times to ensure a secure connection. Juvo Premium Self Standing Cane Tip Specifications: Fits: 3/4 and 7/8 inch diameter walking canes. Measures: 4.25 inch diameter, 2.5 inches high. Material: Non-hazardous TPE Rubber. Weight: 0.55 lbs.

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