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Cool Grip Microwave Caddy

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The Cool Grip Microwave Caddy is an easy to use, ergonomic tray for plates and bowls that never gets hot. The comfort grip handles make it easy for users to remove dishes from the microwave without burning themselves. The Cool Grip Microwave Caddy remains cool to the touch, allowing users to easily remove dishes from the microwave. The BPA free tray features a patent pending design that fits most plates, bowls, and microwave meals. It even has a reservoir to catch any spills or boil-overs, which helps keep your microwave and floor clean. Cool Grip Microwave Caddy Specifications: Material: BPA free polypropylene. Measures: 12 inch diameter overall, 3 inches high. Works with: 5+ inch bowls, 10.5 inch wide plates. Color: Blue. Care: Dishwasher top-shelf safe. Made in: USA.

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