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Duro Med Telescoping 5 Foot Wheelchair Ramps

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The Duro Med Telescoping 5 Foot Wheelchair Ramps are wheelchair ramps that adjust to give users easy access to rooms or homes that have steps. The portable ramps make it easier for wheelchair users to visit friends or family homes that would not otherwise be accessible. The Telescoping Adjustable Wheelchair Ramps are easy to travel with and store since they are so compact and light. They are 60 inches long and 7 inches wide, and each ramp weighs 6 lbs and can support 330 lbs. The ramps extend from 3 to 5 feet, which makes it possible for them to be used on different step sizes and heights. The ramps adjust easily: just pull sections 1 and 2 until the locking buttons fully extend into the holes and snap into place. Simply retract them after use and put them away in the convenient nylon carrying bag. The ramps have an inner track area of 4 inches and will work for rises up to 10 inches. Duro-Med Telescoping Adjustable Wheelchair Ramps 5 Foot Specifications: Width: 7 inches wide overall, 4 inches inside tracks. Overall Ramp Length: 3 feet minimum, 5 feet maximum. Overall Product Weight: Each ramp weighs 6 lbs. Weight limit: Each ramp can support 330 lbs.

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