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G-Tube Belt

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The G-Tube Belt provides a comfortable way to secure all types of enteral feeding tubes including PEG tubes, gastrostomy tubes, and jejunostomy tubes. This soft belt with pouch eliminates the need for clumsy pins and tape. The G-Tube Belt increases the user's level of tube control, helps increase self-care and minimize the risk of accidental pull-out by combative patients and small children. Caregivers should first consult a physician before using the G-Tube Belt. It is recommended that a sterile drain sponge with slit for tube entry be placed against the skin as a buffer. Wrap waist strap around waist and secure to a comfortable fit using the hook and loop closure for adjustment. Slide tube through slit to pouch and position pouch over tube accordingly. Secure tube while not in use by coiling onto pouch face and then close bottom flap securely over tube coil. Care Instructions: G-Tube Belt flannel center pouch and soft elastic fabric waistband are conveniently machine washable. Hand or machine wash with a mild disinfectant and hang dry. Be sure to engage the hook and loop fasteners before washing to prevent lint accumulation. G-Tube Belt Specifications: Material: Latex free. Pouch measures: 5 x 5 1/2 inches overall, 4 x 4 inches inside opening. Standard size fits: 30 to 45 inch waist size. Large size fits: 46 to 60 inch waist size. Belt width: 2 inches.

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