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Black Cravaat Dining Scarf

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The Black Cravaat Dining Scarf is made from stain and wrinkle resistant brushed microfiber material. This dining scarf is worn over clothing just like a regular scarf. The brushed microfiber material has the soft feel of suede and is and machine washable. When food spills on the dining scarf, it just wipes clean. The dining scarf is a dignified alternative to bibs for adults in assisted living, nursing or memory care and disabled adults. Caregivers will find this item does not look like an adult bib, but it protects clothing from stains and spills. The scarf measures 27 inches long and 9 inches wide. The Diner Wear Cravaat Dining Scarf was awarded a 2013 Caregiver Friendly Product Award by Today's Caregiver. Black Cravaat Dining Scarf Specifications: Made in: USA. Material: Brushed microfiber Color: Black. Measures: 27 inches long, 9 inches wide. Fabric care: Machine washable.

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