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Leg Wrap Positioning Aid

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The Leg Wrap Positioning Aid has sturdy handles that eliminate the need to grab clothing for moving and positioning a user's weak leg. This leg lifter attaches to the user with adjustable closures to provide a secure grip to assist in positioning the leg for transfers to or from a bed, chair, sofa, wheelchair or toilet seat. The Leg Wrap Positioning Aid measures 33 inches long, and is made of strong, durable nylon webbing. The maximum circumference of the adjustable closures measure 11-1/2 inches at the ankle, 18-1/2 inches at the knee, and 24-1/2 inches for thigh position. The loops can be made smaller, but not larger than these sizes. The leg lifter with handles provides increased control and reduces injury caused by dropping the legs during transfers. People who have difficulty positioning their legs will find the Leg Wrap increases mobility independence. Leg Wrap Positioning Aid Specifications: Attaches: To the user in 3 places. Material: 2 inch wide, high strength, nylon webbing. Measures: 33 inches long, maximum circumference measures 11-1/2 inches, 18-1/2 inches, 24-1/2 inches for the ankle, knee and thigh positions. WARNING: Important information for California residents

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